December 1, 2018 — HICKORY, NC

Ameritech Data Solutions has released a new service that helps companies track time for their field-based employees. My TAB Time is a cloud-based application that allows field employees or contractors to enter time for billing, accounting, and payroll.

My TAB Time helps firms manage time for their field techs, remote team, and 1099 contractors. It keeps track of billable time at a client’s location, including overtime, double-time or after-hours service calls.

TAB is short for the “Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing” services typically performed on industrial and large office building HVAC systems. The software was originally developed for Ameritech’s existing TAB clients.

According to Ameritech CEO, Derek Hedrick, “We identified the need for our customers to track billable time when out on the job.”

The company is no stranger to this industry. They have been developing custom applications and software products for TAB clients since the late 1990’s. In fact, their flagship product, TABopts, was designed to run an entire TAB business.

“We were looking to develop a cost-effective time-tracking system for the TAB industry that integrates seamlessly with TAB Opts,” explains Hedrick. “Payroll departments were looking for an automated way to replace manual entry of paper time sheets from their field employees.”

MyTABTime integrates directly with TABopts, but also functions as a stand-alone product. Ameritech developed the software around the needs of TAB firms. This makes it a cost-effective solution for this niche industry. However, it is easily adapted to any company with time-based projects at a client’s location.

Ameritech Data Solutions is a subsidiary of Ameritech Computer Consultants, located in Hickory, NC. The company develops custom software solutions, Microsoft Access databases, and IT services to several different industries.

Hedrick says, “Our goal is to not only help minimize routine operations for our clients, but also build meaningful relationships with them.”

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