December 2018 Product Highlights

  • Automated time-tracking for field employees

  • Access levels for Admin, Management & Employees

  • Group employees by job or department.

  • Sort billable hours by job or customer.

  • Sync with TAB Opts or export CSV for accounting.

Time to Upgrade Your Timesheets

After months of work, testing, feedback and more work, we’re excited to announce the official public launch of My TAB Time!

The new tool simplifies time tracking for field-based employees, with a focus on Testing, Adjustment & Balance (TAB) techs working on commercial HVAC systems.

Automated Time Tracking

My TAB Time automates time-keeping for field techs and 1099 contractors with easy-to-use time entry. That means you never have to chase down Bob for his timesheets again!

Your techs check in and out on our mobile-friendly website. Reports automatically update to make sure your contractors get paid and your customers get billed correctly. My TAB Time even keeps track of overtime hours, with options for Time & 1/2 and Double Time.

Beyond the invoice, My TAB Time helps you keep track of non-billable activities and employee paid time off to maximize productivity.

Organized for the Way You Work

Whether you’ve got a few employees or a few hundred, My TAB Time keeps your data neatly organized and easy to access.

Want to know the total hours spent on a particular job? Or how much each department is billing?

My TAB Time sorts, filters and organizes the data you need without the clutter you don’t.

  • Group your employees by job or department.

  • Sort billable time by customers, and even individual jobs for that customer.

  • Filter reports by billable and non-billable time.

Seamless Integration with TAB Opts

Like peanut butter and jelly, My TAB Time and TABopts were made for each other.

Ameritech’s TABopts software helps you virtually manage every part of your Testing, Adjustment & Balance company. Using everyday tools like MS Office, you can estimate jobs and costs, deploy assets, monitor equipment calibration, and invoice your customers.

Create a job in TABopts, then push it to My TAB Time for assignment. Once the job is done, all the time syncs back to TABopts for billing and payroll.

Multiple Access Levels to Fit Your Company

My TAB Time scales to fit your organization. Assign unlimited admins, managers and teams to keep your operation running smoothly.

  • Administrators have full access to all reports, employees, and teams. Create as many teams, divisions or employee groups as you need. Generate reports for billing, accounting, and productivity.

  • Managers access their own group of employees to assign jobs and monitor productivity.

  • Employees can sign in to see the their assigned jobs and¬†quickly enter time.

Works Where You Do

My TAB Time lives in the cloud and works on any modern desktop, tablet or smartphone. Managers can run reports on desktop, while field employees enter time on their phone. Or vice-verse.

There’s no software to install and you’re not tied to the desk. Just sign to¬†and you can manage time from anywhere.

Try It Free

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